The people who can influence you come from all different walks of life, and even though it is likely that I will lose touch with most of the friends I have now, I am hoping against it. I have some pretty awesome friends that are pretty awesomely different. I mean yea, my best friends rock hard core, but they couldn’t be alike if they wanted too, which is probably a good thing!

Katrina and I were talking last night, and I realized how much my best friends really mean to me. I am not always known as the person who jumps into trusting people, but these friends I really do trust. The cool thing is though, they all have certain things that I feel comfortable talking to them about, and all of our conversations are different from one another.

Oh uniqueness. (:

So even though I know that only one of my friends even checks in on my blogs, I love you guys. ❤


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