Change is in the air.

Yesterday I spent my day with the lovely Katrina(best friend). Upon out time together, we(her mom, her and I) went out of town to check out Kat’s moving situation. And yes, it is less than two weeks away now. ):

Anyhow, I learned something. Even though she is moving, further than I would like, nothing has to change. I mean yes, adjustments have to be made, but friendship wise, nothing has to change. We will both make new friends, and both change a lot in the future, but just because she is moving doesn’t mean that we have to stop being friends.

I like this thought. (:

Also, we will have many memories of checking out her apartment, “speeding” down the highway for her job interview, looking at furniture, being attacked by a killer heat wave, noticing how many cute guys live around her neighborhood, getting lost driving, etc. Love you Kat, and I cannot wait to see how many opportunities will be opened up to you through this move. (:


2 thoughts on “Change is in the air.

  1. That's right! We will Definitely still be friends! Orlando is not far, and thankfully we have facebook/twitter/myspace/blogger/texting/phones! So there are means of communication. And even if we can't physically do as many things together, we can have conversations, which is a lot of what our times spent together consisted of anyway. =J

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