A Minute To Win It.

I am just going to start and see where this ends up eh?

While I was at camp, Pastor Jim Raley did a sermon called “Minute To Win It”, and it for sure has been on my mind lately. If you think about it, one decision, one split second, can change your entire life. Not every time you make a decision will you have hours or days to come up with an answer; sometimes you only have a minute to win it.

This has really had me thinking because we never know at the moment how much one decision changes your entire life. I didn’t know that what seemed like simple decisions, at the time, would still have me tripping up years later.

With this in mind, I have two questions for you: Who is involved in your decision making process? and Are you willing to make right decisions that may cost you friends or fame?

Oddly enough, I am going to leave you at this and you may or may not receive another blog concerning this.


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