Things I Love Thursday.

This week has gone by crazy fast but I am actually quite excited to do this post. (:

  • My piano- Most of you know how I feel about music and today is one of those days where I could cry from the happiness it gives me. Dramatic? Oh no, just happy. 😀
  • Being home- As stated before, I LOVE Michigan, but I am more than pleased to be home. Although there are a few people I wish I could fly to see often, I definitely missed my friends here.
  • Sooters (Soot)- In case you haven’t read my previous posts about Soot, she is my lovely cat. Nothing beats having a fat, lazy cat for a pet. Oh and might I add that she is participating in an extremely exciting game of “Attack That Crazy Bell” as we speak? 😀
  • The Movement Youth Ministries- I missed these people a lot, and even though I haven’t even seen all of them yet, I really did enjoy seeing the ones I did–you guys are awesome!
  • Twitter- I just love keeping up with people’s daily lives; I also like to think that others feel the same way about my tweets.
  • theoneinpink- I love following Sarah’s blog and I would encourage anyone to take a look. If you wish to take on this great advice, click here.
And here are the things that I didn’t feel needed details:
the movie Serendipitydriving during a lightening storm, even if it is distractingsitting between an older couple on the plane home (whom i will write a blog about later) – sleeping in my own bed – this photo – the thought of looking for a new blog home – almost being done with History – C.S.I. (even the re-runs) – this Wendy’s review – feeling loved.

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