Things I Love Thursday.

This week has been crazy exciting, so let’s get right to this thing eh? 😀

switching over to wordpress —  getting to hear Al Force speak at my youth group — spending the day with my grandma, doing puzzles, drinking coffee/tea, eating grilled tuna, and talking about random things (from college to the Bible) — cooking yummy food — playing board games and winning — teaming up with my sister to annoy my brother — seeing a friend of mine in a car beside me on the road, pressing her fact up against the window with a funny face — learning to not stress about the little things — my mommy coming home — making runs around town with no make-up and a pony-tale while not caring — raisin bread — reading awesome blogs — breaking out of my comfort zone — the anticipation of some awesome writing tonight — getting to send a letter to one of my friends whom I haven’t talked to in forever — cooking tonights dinner with chemistry goggles on (much needed I might add) — expectation — dancing like an idiot (in the privacy of my own home lol) — Project Runway — hearing awesome things from God.

Well dearest readers, I hope that you enjoyed this post, and I would love to hear back from you guys. Have an awesome rest of the week eh? 😀


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