Be happy or be sad, whatever it is, just be.


“It’s okay to not be okay.” -Joe Hill 


   This is something that Pastor Joe (my youth pastor) had said to me many, many months ago. Needless to say, I write everything and anything down that hits me hard–as you might have already noticed. Anyway, it just got me thinking about how we don’t always have to act like things are “fine and dandy”. Who said that we have to have some perfect exterior? Anyone who is a human should know that perfection doesn’t exist anyway, so why are we spending out time lying to not only ourselves, but others around us?

Before you run with this, I am not saying to go yell all of your problems to the world. No, I am not saying that you should over-whelm your friends with your mionor complaints. What I am saying however, is that there is no need for a front. Pretending to be something, that you obviously are not, will get you nowhere.


  Be happy or be sad, whatever it is, just be.


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