Featured Blog – Unconcealed Face

Well, this is the first time I have ever done a featured blog and I am more than ecstatic that the chosen one belongs to my best friend, Katrina! (:

So my dear readers, feast your eyes upon “Unconcealed Face”.

[if you’re a male, this post isn’t for you.]
(Men, read the blog anyway, it can be applied to you.)

wake up.
make up.
cover your face up.
conceal the true you
your choice
your new appearance
you’re a walking canvas
don’t forget it.

Pick up any modern magazine aimed at females.
The majority of it is articles based on appearance, and they sure don’t want you to forget it!
Exercise and eating. Alright, you want to be healthy, great!
Clothes, please wear them.
Makeup…Not quite the necessity.
For me, I have never been much of a full out makeup wearer. I like mascara, and eye shadow, sometimes eyeliner. Though recently I’ve been wearing it more often, cover up, blush or bronzer, mascare, eyeliner, multiple eye shadows… I feel like I’ve forgotten that I have a real face behind it all. So I’m going to be fasting make up for this week.
I challenge you girls.. Instead of finding the best lip gloss, or mascara. Find a good make up remover. Something that wipes away the residue from eye liner and mascara easily. Wear your face proudly. God made you beautiful as you are. God didn’t put make up on Eve. I mean, she really didn’t even have clothes.
Please only refer to that sense of style in the shower though! Haha. The makeup is nice every once in awhile, but don’t use it to hide the true you. The world seems to think that makeup is a need, they want you to depend on it. Don’t be dependent on something that conceals the true you.

See your beauty as the makeup runs off your face.

And as some musical inspiration for the week: Beautiful – Group 1 Crew

Thanks for reading my blog,
Love you all,

First of all, I absolutely love how the first picture she used is not only her, but that it fits this blog so well. Second, her poetry skills bring this blog to life, in my opinion. I think many of us occasionally, if not always, hide behind our make-up and clothes. Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with either of these things, I love me some cute clothes and mascara, but there is a difference between hiding and accentuating. Think about this next time you are getting ready to leave the house eh?PS: Although this blog was written with women in mind, I definitely believe that the same principles can be added to the men. Women are not the only ones who have to deal with the “ideal” image or the mirror. So men, form the above lesson to your own life–what are you hiding behind?

Also, Katrina told me, via text, that Beautiful was actually what inspired her to write this blog; I love when music creates a chain reaction. (:

Well, I hope you enjoyed this awesome post, because I was super excited to be able to share this with you. I also want to state that all of the pictures, videos, and words in purple, were taken directly from Katrina’s blog. (: If you enjoyed this as much as I did, feel free to check out her blog here (http://herunconcealedthoughts.blogspot.com/).


2 thoughts on “Featured Blog – Unconcealed Face

  1. I had gone into a job interview several months back for a daycare job, and one of the job requirements was to “have your hair dried and styled and your makeup applied before you entered the work building for the day, as to present a professional appearance.” (Because 6 month old babies totally care if you are wearing make up. And their parents are going to think you are going to care for their babies better if you are wearing make up? I don’t get it!) This sparked a conversation with friends about how and when when it became “unprofessional” for women NOT to wear makeup to work.

    I personally don’t wear makeup often except for speacial events, and even then I try to only wear it lightly. It offended me as a woman who tends to go “au naturel” make-up wise that it would be considered unprofessional to show up to work without makeup on!

    Our society tends to put so much more emphasis on outward appearances as if they matter more than what’s on the inside. I know from experience that a lot of people -men and women alike- put up a good front and may look all put together on the outside but are really hurting on the inside.

    Just some things that come to mind when I read this! Very good blog- both of you!

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