Things I Love Thursday.

getting back on my work-out routine — this blog post–I LOVE it! — having a successful week in school — smiling — getting to plan my mother’s birthday dinner — my love-hate relationship with grocery stores — finding a new nickname for my little sister — the really awesome youth service last night, God moved in a major way — seeing changes for the better — video games — having random songs stuck in my head — dressing up in costume, looking pretty stupid, for a good cause — laughing until my sides hurt with friends — having a ton of blogs in draft — watching a random video that was made by me and Taylor over a year ago — looking significantly different from what I did a year ago — starting the project of making a cute headband out of a hanger — that feeling of success when you finish an early, morning workout — the fact that my sister has been referring to me as “a Halo alien” all week — trying Tres Leche Cake for the first time (thank you Emily!) — talking to my dad about my future husband — obtaining a new view-point concerning my husband-to-be (that sounds like I am getting married soon lol) — watching football with my father.

Well, I think that will do it! I hope everyone is smart and successful as you finish out the week!

Thank you for reading my blog. (:


2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday.

  1. Thanks for sharing your video! It made me miss having a best friend and goofing off and laughing till my sides hurt! Youg two are awesome!

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