Things I Love Thursday.

I have decided that this is going to be a “non-explanation” post. So, the following are things I have loved about this week; no explanations needed! (:

Sundays — youth council meetings — friends — laughing — looking at wedding stuff, via Internet, with my cousins — being able to create awesome food — watching football — memories of playing this game as a kid — a big mug of coffee to start my day — the fact that I can use my father as an Economics cheat-sheet (: — getting two of my guy friends (Aaron and David) to look at wedding dresses with me lol — how awesome this sleeping bag is — getting to see one of my best friends that I haven’t seen in forever — having friends that tell me what I need to hear; not what I want to hear — egg salad (yum!) — happiness — learning more about my friends — discovering awesome music artists, thanks to David — awesome teachers — the show, “Stan Lee’s Superhumans” — learning to get over things — perfectly understanding what my Chemistry teacher is talking about — having dreams that make me smile — watching educational television — finally getting the new twitter!

Have an awesome rest of the week everyone! (:


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