Music–it’s personal.

“Music is…what you make it. Music can be your joy and your sorrow. It can make your day or break you heart. It’s what drives and what crashes and can be the most personal thing I’ve ever come across.”
-David Wickstrom

I love when friends are already awesome and then they become even more fantastic by saying things like this.

Call me crazy, but I believe that music is an extension of the person themself. Music is something that cannot just be traded in; it is something that is in our very make up as a person. Everyone has that something that is incredibly personal–that is so personal, that every time you even speak about it, you feel exposed to the world around you. For some it is music, while for others it could be completely different.

Whether you know exactly what I am talking about, or if you still aren’t sure, I hope that this quote has made you think about what you consider to be important  and personal in your own life.  (:

PS: thank you David for letting me use this.


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