Post number 100!

Maybe it is just because I write down my thoughts too often, but you are witnessing what is Her Softly Spoken Heart’s one-hundredth post! Because this is a special occasion, I am going to do something different. In honor of post 100, I will give 100 random facts about me and my life. Understandable, I can see how some of you are ready to press the back button, but I can guarantee that you will learn something new! (:

  1. I am a Christian.
  2. I haven’t grown an inch taller since I was 13.
  3. I have a memory that takes me back to days before kindergarten.
  4. I am a cat person, to the max.
  5. I love little kids, but most make me nervous.
  6. I consider bubbles to be magical. I love them.
  7. I love the rain–it reminds me of my grandfather.
  8. I will always have that inner tom boy.
  9. I think things through, maybe too much.
  10. I make 90% of the gifts that I give people.
  11. Aquariums are one of my favorite places to be.
  12. Even though I love ocean life, I am terrified of the ocean.
  13. I prefer to go to the beach in the middle of winter, rather than the middle of summer.
  14. I secretly wish I could fly.
  15. I frequently have crazy dreams.
  16. I love having friends, even if I am terrible at making them.
  17. I sleep best when it is pitched black.
  18. My first cat’s name was Tofu.
  19. I am the least picky person when it comes to entertainment.
  20. I enjoy learning.
  21. Zephyrhills water tastes like dirt to me.
  22. I sing almost constantly.
  23. I dream of my awesome dance moves, but in real life I might as well have two, left feet.
  24. Written letters are better than an email any day.
  25. I would rather someone give me flowers they picked themselves instead of buying me a dozen roses.
  26. I was named after my grandmother (my middle name).
  27. I notice the little things about people–quickly I might add.
  28. I often get in trouble for correcting the grammar of others.
  29. I have crazy curls, and even though I complain about them, I love them.
  30. English is my favorite subject in school.
  31. I despise most pop music.
  32. I don’t iron my clothes.–Ever.  -_-
  33. If you can write/talk pretty, you gain my interest immediately.
  34. I over-heat almost every summer.
  35. I have lived in the same, small town my entire life.
  36. At the end of each school course I finish, I write a personal letter to my teacher almost every time, thanking them.
  37. I have only had one male teacher all throughout high school. (I am in my senior year..I will keep you posted).
  38. My favorite animals are giraffes and whales.
  39. I am crafty.
  40. I would be completely shocked if someone read all 100 of these facts.
  41. I will choose compelling conversations any day.
  42. I have  pet peeve of cupboard doors being left open. Honestly, it makes me want to break down. (weird, I know)
  43. Meat is my least favorite food. (usually)
  44. Smoothies make any day better.
  45. Mascots terrify me.
  46. Add monkeys to that terrifying list.
  47. I wish I owned I bicycle, almost as much as I wish I owned a car.
  48. I have never been as comfortable in my own skin as I am right now.
  49. I never want to ride on a public transportation bus.
  50. The longer you know me and spend time with me, the more silliness you will see.
  51. I appear completely serious most of the time.
  52. My vision is worse that 20/200. (I cannot remember exactly what it was this last time I had them checked.)
  53. I love looking at old pictures, whether they belong to be or someone else.
  54. After a movie in the theaters, I like to watch all of the credits and pick out the funny names.
  55. I miss my best friend–a lot.
  56. I am scared of heights, but I love mountains, roller coasters, free fall rides, etc. As long as it isn’t up to me to get to that height, I am all good.
  57. I make funny faces when I am writing. I guess you can call it my thinking faces.
  58. I think hugs are awesome.
  59. I am allergic to bay leaves, have been for the longest time, but I was in denial about it until this last year. See the story here.
  60. I don’t think that blog posts are complete without a picture.
  61. If it weren’t for awesome people, with awesome photography skills, I wouldn’t blog nearly as much.
  62. I have always loved working with clay.
  63. I have never shot a real gun (minus a BB gun), even though I grow up in a family that is very exposed to hunting.
  64. I haven’t had a star fruit since I was a child.
  65. I talk during movies but only about the movie itself.
  66. If I am not singing, I am humming.
  67. Nesquik chocolate milk reminds me of my childhood.
  68. I take my coffee black.
  69. I find it weird to talk so much about myself.
  70. I love word/board/card games.
  71. Cryptograms make me smile.
  72. Finding Neverland is my favorite movie.
  73. Gouda is my favorite type of cheese.
  74. My alarm clock is a duck quacking.
  75. I have alway had a weakness for buying notebooks.
  76. I look up new recipes for fun.
  77. I have embraced being a nerd.
  78. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
  79. I love to star gaze.
  80. I love Edgar Allan Poe.
  81. If I had the money to change my wardrobe, I would dress completely different.
  82. I am claustrophobic and get embarrassed every time I have an attack.
  83. Parks or empty fields make me happy.
  84. I am easily pleased.
  85. I will probably not re-read this to check for grammatical errors.
  86. I have a habit repeating things that I find funny, even if they were just said by someone else.
  87. I am obsessive compulsive, but I have gotten a lot better than I was.
  88. I would probably die without my computer.
  89. I always have more than 3 tabs open on my Internet.
  90. My eyes change colors from hazel, to green, to blue, or gray.
  91. Gray is my favorite color.
  92. “My sister is the best thing that has ever happened to me.” Her words exactly. lol
  93. I would rather stand than sit in most gatherings.
  94. I cannot decide on my favorite book.
  95. There is no way that I could possibly think of another 100 things about myself.
  96. I love to cook.
  97. When I was younger I was in love with elephants.
  98. I love road trips.
  99. I often say the exact same thing as my sister, and it creeps me out every time.
  100. I’ve never had my own bedroom.

Well, that is 100! If you stuck around this long, and read all 100 things, I commend you. (: Feel free to comment about any of these things or random facts about yourself. Thank you for being dedicated readers!

(this photo was just too cute not to use.)


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