The Princess and the Toad (poem)

When reality meets the road
It’s been “the Princess and the Toad”.
There were no laughing or jokes,
And conversations were croaks.

A waiting transformation,
Left reason for speculation.
Dedicated in hand,
I walked, you hopped through the sand.

I took on the stares,
What we had, we both cared.
But disgusting and vile
Became our walk down the aisle.

All excuses for no,
And lack of bouquets to be thrown.
I was left with a kiss,
And two, toad stained lips.

-Brittany Rose
October 12, 2010


If you are the type that ever writes, you know that sometimes there are things that end up on paper without a clue as to where they came from. My dear friends, this is one of them. I was absolutely cracking up after I completed it. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I could picture everything in my head, or that I just referred to the world’s “perfection” as a toad. Of course, it can be read as a total downer of a poem, but I just ask that you be playful with it. (: I hope you enjoyed!


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