Things I Love Thursday.

It’s Thursday! As you probably already know, this is the day that I list a ton of things that I have been thankful for this week. I would encourage you to not only enjoy reading, but to start your own Things I Love Thursday! If not that at least let me know in a comment what you have been thankful for. (:


going to Busch Gardens with friends — my new favorite Julian Smith video — realizing how much I love my friends — using mind over matter — creating awesome pasta for Tuesday’s lunch — realizing things I never knew about myself — looking at furniture and home designs (dreaming quite a bit lol) — indulging in my secret nerd obsession — Monsters Inside Me — getting back into reading blogs — laughing until I couldn’t breathe — creating memories — riding Sheikra five times in one day — timing silly pictures on roller coasters — my increasing love for the outdoors — having pleasant weather — the fact that my fall cravings have begun (sadly, they haven’t even been near satisfied yet) — being told that I inspired someone else — chicken burritos with avocado ranch — Emily’s impression of John Lennon — Amanda’s version of Baby Beluga — starting a new book, The Parting by Beverly Lewis (yes, I secretly love reading about the Amish life) — the joy of Soot playing the piano with me (four paws have to be better than two hands any day, right?) — not getting fried by the sun on Monday — confidentiality — feeling like I am worth trusting — the fact that I was finally able to eat a meal last night without feeling sick! (hopefully this continues) — following new people on Twitter — how my best friend uses the most adorable cat photos on all of her TILTs (: — not eating like an OCD freak Sunday night — when my father asks questions about cooking — anticipation for the future.


Ahem, this is adorable!


Enjoy the rest of your week! 😀


4 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday.

  1. haha.. I’ve been finding tons of cute kitten photos on
    So you will probably see more.
    Also, yours is adorable! I especially love how the newspaper has paw prints on it.

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