Let’s all just jump off a cliff!

I am that person that jumps to conclusions in their own mind. No, not the one who goes posting their frustrations and disappointments for everyone to see, but the one who fills her mind with assumptions. I tend to dive off of the cliff at the first negative thought that pops into my head.

I know for a fact that I am not the only one who does this, so hopefully my fellow cliff divers will happen to come across this post! Otherwise, I could look entirely too “special” for my own good.

So for those with unique struggles such as this, I am challenging you, just as I am myself, to think positive. Take up hang gliding! When a negative, imposing thought seems to creep its way into your inner workings, make the decision to come up with an alternative thought. If we were to react to every discouraging thought with a positive light, just imagine how much further we could get. (:

How do I do this? Oh, but it is such an ever-so-simple change (I say this partially sarcastic because change is never simplistic). Try looking at things from more than one angle. In example: You just remembered your long, lost fear of meeting new people, while also remembering that you will be attending college soon. Clearly, this could cause some chaos. However, if you choose to look at this from a different light, you can realize quite a few things. 1) You aren’t at college yet, so you don’t need to worry about the people you will be meeting. Don’t let what hasn’t happened yet ruin your day! 2) The worst thing that could happen while meeting new people is you discovering who not to try and meet again! Don’t expect to get a long with everyone in every new environment. 3) There are others out there who are apprehensive about creating new acquaintances, so don’t fret and think that you are all alone.

In a matter of minutes I just came up with three things that can help ease your mind and possibly save your life (still referring to diving off a cliff here).

So dear readers, I would encourage you to forget about your free-fall, grab some gear, and glide. (:


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