Things I Love Thursday.

Thursday has greeted us quickly this week! I feel as though so much has happened is such a little time! Anyway, moving on, it’s time for the things I’ve been lovin’!

sharing secrets with my friends — how Taylor puts up with me — laughing until my sides were killing me while reading Chuck Norris jokes/weird names/DearBlankPleaseBlank with David —’s guide to semicolons — my A.P. English — books! — knowing people care — learning — being truly happy — change — dreaming dreams that come true the next day — giggling like a little girl — fiddling on the piano with David — talking to friends I have missed — hearing my daddy refer to me as his “pride and joy” (made me want to cry) — hope — talking — music — smiling!

Short, but one of my favorite TILT’s.
Enjoy the rest of the week! (:


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