Another common-knowledge analogy.

Wednesday night, during prayer, the thought about potential energy began to hit me pretty hard. Every person has potential to be something great; even deeper than that, every Christian has the potential to do something big.

People talk as though they want to create a cataclysmic change for the better, but talking is as far as their plans go; it is just a potential state. In my own opinion, I have always had the idea that Potential energy had the easy side of life. Why is this? Well, Mr. P just has to sit and wait. Being idle was what Mr. Potential was created to do, and although he is awesome in his own way, no one is effected by his job.

Mr. K steals all the thunder–for good reason! Kinetic energy is the energy of motion. Oh, but lovely motion. Whether it is a subtle breeze, an earthquake, a touch, a car, or a step, motion creates a change–a difference.

It is easy to have potential, possibly because it is birthed in all of us from the start. What isn’t easy is creating motion with that potential. So many of us just sit back and become relaxed in our lives, no matter how messed up they may be.

I am going to take a minute a lovingly ruffle the feathers of some fellow Christians. We can talk all day about being the revolution, but our talk doesn’t get it done. Until we start picking ourselves up, bringing ourselves together, and stepping out, nothing will change. You will wake up to the same world you fell asleep to, unless you move.

Times get tough and moving forward gets tougher, but no one said it would be easy. Everyone has this idea that being a Christian is simple; if that were the case, where would the sacrifice come in? Because of love we sacrifice. Better yet, because of love He sacrificed.

Matthew 5:11 says “Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.” In case you didn’t know, that is Jesus speaking, and if that doesn’t let you know there will be struggles, I don’t know what does. It isn’t about all of the crud we go through though, it is about whether or not we keep on moving forward.

If you got anything out of this, walk away ready to make a move. It is time to get to work and time to get into motion. Don’t just stay idle in your potential.


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