All about Katrina!

Me and Katrina, Halloween '09. =)

So it seems like lately I have missed my dear friend, Katrina, more than ever. Maybe it is because more time has passed. It could also possibly be because we have both been crazy busy lately, leaving little time for chatting. Either way, the time between us feels impossibly large.

This last week especially, has been filled with nostalgic moments. Whether it be a simple thought of how hot the sun is on my left side while driving, or facing the frightening chainsaws without Kat reminding me that they are completely safe without the chain–I MISS HER!

I guess you could call this complaining; I would much rather just look at it as me letting you all know that I miss someone important to me. (: One of these days I will come of with something creative that Kat and I can do…even if we can’t just drop by at each other’s house. I will keep you posted on that. *insert thinking face*


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