Things I Love Thursday.

Thursday, Thursday, Thursday! Hopefully you know what day it is; hopefully you knew it before you even reached my blog. Well, aware of the day or not, I hope you enjoy! After you are done reading, feel free to let me know something that you love/made your week. (:

feeling extremely loved — happiness — having conversations of sleeping habits, claustrophobic socks, and heaters with friends. — long naps — the awesome, cool weather that we have been having — bonfires — marshmallow fights with my brother and his girlfriend — how cold weather changes my cat’s attitude — letting things go — feeling beautiful — getting random “*hug*” texts — my literature class — expectation — my awesome Econ. teacher — this website. I could spend hours on it! — pencil art by Jennifer Maestre —  this blog post with typographic animation to a poem by Ronnie Bruce — this blog post with a video by Steven Johnson — going through different lists of phobias with David (you would be surprised at what some people are scared of!) — starting a collaboration with Taylor, my blogging and her video talents — waking up to learn that Soot decided to sleep on my feet — hearing my grandmother talk sarcastically about football (sarcasm must run in the family!) — randomly throwing the basketball behind me, just to hear it “swish” in the net — worship.

Have an awesome rest of the week!


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