TIME’s “25 Worst (We Mean Best) Infomercials”

It is crazy what people can sell! I am just going to give you the list of the top 25 worst infomercials, but I urge you to click on the link provided; not only will it give you a detailed look at each of them, but you will get to see the commercial for yourself! (:

  1. Hawaii Chair
  2. Tiddy Bear (not sure what to think about the creators of this..)
  3. Shake Weight for Men
  4. Slap Chop
  5. Comfort Wipe
  6. Wearable Towel (you all know you want one!)
  7. Snuggie (attire for a cult)
  8. Potty Putter
  9. Heat Surge
  10. Ginsu Knife
  11. Better Marriage Blanket (if this is what saves a marriage…I am concerned.)
  12. Doc Bottoms Aspray (don’t even get me started on this one…)
  13. Fushigi
  14. BluBlocker Sunglasses
  15. Bark Off
  16. Rejuvenique Electric Facial Mask
  17. Might Putty
  18. Miss Cleo’s Psychic Friends Network
  19. Silver Sonic XL
  20. Booty Pop (doesn’t that sound lovely?)
  21. UroClub (gah…another one not to get me started on.)
  22. Music Vest
  23. Popeil Automatic Pasta Maker
  24. ShoeDini
  25. Cami Secret

Check it out for yourself! (: Click here.


4 thoughts on “TIME’s “25 Worst (We Mean Best) Infomercials”

  1. Thank you for sharing this post. I make fun of infomercials all the time, these are hilarious! a lot I haven’t seen before! But you forgot HD glasses, and Sonic Hearing! HAHA I love how hilarious some of these things are!
    The hilarious thing, is after watching 20 minutes of an infomercial (not even realizing your watching one), you feel guilty/embarrassed for wanting to buy it. I’m guilty.
    Great Post!

    • Thank you for your comment; I am guilty for weighing out the benefits of the products as well! Just imagine what the world would be like without paid programming, the time when night owls like myself have nothing else to watch. ha. Oh, the things that can be sold on television! (:

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