The Few in the Many. (poem)

We live in a world where you have to fight for time, places, a line, and spaces. It’s easy to feel like you fall short, in this life-long sport. This world is looking for the best of the best, and they’ll take nothing less. Where perfection doesn’t exist, they will place lies in our midst. For a world full or men and women, who are putting masks before them, the truth would send them reeling; that our God, Creator, finds us appealing. We have grown accustomed to deceit and lack of wisdom; to a place where humanity, is just hidden insanity. Where running is normal and fighting for beliefs is informal. Look around to a place, where God is politically incorrect; where speaking His name is a lack of respect. We have turned into soldiers, too afraid to fight; we have let the world, run us off in the night. Take a look at its beauty, where plastic is suiting; where nothing is real and punishments are meals. To a world where men are determined, by their number of women; seen only as a physique, making sure no one’s unique. A place where reading is only cool, for those nerds still in school; where the Book is forgotten, as well as the Son, God’s only begotten. Who will rise up, to say it’s enough? Who will stand tall, when they first hear the call? Will we continue to lie on our backs, as the world around us still lacks? To give up the fight, handing over all that’s in sight. Where will you be, when the final bell rings? Will you be compelled by love? Or will we have to push and shove? To find your body on the floor, lifeless by the door. Tell me one thing, where is the passion behind your wings?

-Brittany Rose
November 23, 2010

This was inspired by:
Deuteronomy 7:7 “The LORD did not set his affection on you and choose you because you were more numerous than other peoples, for you were the fewest of all peoples.”


4 thoughts on “The Few in the Many. (poem)

    • Thank you. (: I find it semi-funny that when I first sat down to write this, I had no clue that it would end up in any type of poetry. For all I knew, I was just sitting downt to write another blog, and this is just what came of it. I would definitely say that I had some help. ha

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