Things I Love Thursday.

Oh the Holidays! Don’t expect any turkey talk here, because we don’t officially celebrate Thanksgiving until tomorrow, but do expect awesomeness. (:

getting to see my best friend — Fusion 2010! — seeing over a thousand young people wrecked for God — being completely open and honest to people — lovely “girl talk” with Shaina — dancing like an idiot — shocking people with my sarcasm — powerful worship services that are followed by awesome messages — going to the park with Derick and his girlfriend — 2 1/2 hour walk — conversations on the bus, to and from Fusion — being in Ocala with my family — my aunt’s gumbo (even if it does give me heartburn) — laughing at myself for holding my phone above my head to find service — the willingness of my friends — Taylor and her jumping in to help me with my TILT (even though I ended up finding internet) — baking 2 peacan pies, 2 apple pies, 1 blueberry pie, 2 pumpkin pies, a carrot cake, and 88 pumpkin cookies with my mom and sister — having an Econ teacher that understands that life gets hard — having REAL conversations — asking my cousin how he could sleep in a room with so many dead things around (dear skulls, etc), to which it just replied with “I’ve already taken their souls, so it’s okay.”  — the awesome  weather right now — over-sized hoodies — knowing that I am going to devour some awesome food tomorrow — how my friends call/text me for cooking advice — keeping in touch with friends that no longer live around me — sudoku — not getting 1,000 chain messages saying “Happy Thanksgiving” today — anticipation for a change — creating a mental change in myself — learning faults and learning that imperfection brings a type of comfort — vicariously shopping with David on Black Friday (really, I will be in a house of sleeping people while he is battling other which he will inform me of via text. ha) — hearing people talk about how awesome the cookies I slaved over are — the plan to not stuff myself tomorrow (I will keep you posted on that.  ha) — my readers.

Happy Thanksgiving, whether you celebrate it today, tomorrow, or last month! (:


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