Things I Love Thursday.

This week is going to be short; I’m not going to lie, I forgot about this little baby. Oops. So, rough week aside, these are the things I have adored.

fun distractions like this —   David’s skill at finding things that make me laugh…even if they are weird like this —  my favorite word being chosen as one of the most beautiful-sounding words in the English dictionary —  this awesome dubstep remix of Fireflies by Owl Citythe adorable story being this song. this is “cuteness” done correctly — hearing that a random person that doesn’t even know me loves some of the poems I have written — making plans — having a friend tolerant of my untimely tears — — finally getting over this cold! — finding a touch screen phone that actually responds to my fingers (droid) — playing Tetris more than necessary — worship —  those youth messages that have you ready to break down in the middle of it (minus the fact that people were there to pick up on my need to break down. ha) — typing this baby up 7 minutes to 12. (:

have an awesome rest of your week. (:


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