Sometimes life is like jumping off a cliff.

There are always those moments in life when you are standing on the edge, trying not to take the plunge. Just as you catch your footing though, a little nudge causes you to lose your balance. Next thing you know, you are falling, plummeting toward to ground with nothing to catch you; nothing, that is, but the cold earth waiting at the bottom.

In my own opinion the worst part of all of this isn’t standing on that edge; it isn’t even the thought of hitting rock bottom; no, the worst part for me is the unknown. That feeling you get when you are a falling, that feeling of losing control.

I don’t like to say that I feel the need to be in control of everything, but I just like to be informed. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always leave me a memo about its mental state; actually, most of the time I am left without much of anything.

It is the mystery in everything that drives me insane. It is the thought of the temporary that makes me uneasy. It is the falling that makes life scary.


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