I love my brother.

I woke up today feeling as though I had been hit by a bus, but I scraped myself off the pavement and readied myself for church. I sat through the entire service feeling as though I was going to fall apart, from the head down; needless to say, I was feeling like crud. Thanks to unplanned events though, my brother and I ended up spending our afternoon at Books-A-Million. It is very rare that we ever get to just hang out, the two of us, so it was fun. Our booking adventures were filled with me giving him a hard time about drooling over Risk, and him dragging me away from the music section; I wouldn’t have had it any other way. (: After that, we decided to be unhealthy and eat at Checkers (in our car, because it was far to cold and windy outside). I have never had so much fun eating fast food and observing/stalking the people around us. I even got the chance to completely put my brother into shock! Anyone who knows me, knows that I cannot put down a lot of food in one sitting; I am the one who crawls away in agony from one, small burger. Not today though! This chick somehow downed a spicy chicken sandwich and half, if not most, of the loaded fries (cheese, bacon, and ranch). His face was absolutely priceless!

Anyway, I said all of that to say that even though I still feel like roadkill, my older brother made my day. (: Who knew he wasn’t so lame after all?


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