Things I Love Thursday

The first Things I Love Thursday of 2011! I can honestly say that this year is already shaping up for major changes. So, let’s get started with things I have loved about these new beginnings.

welcoming in the New Year with my friends — surviving long enough to get to 2011 — getting to spend all day, Saturday, with Taylor Marie — spending Sunday with the best friend, Katrina Marie — Sunday’s Bible study with the council, from youth — reaching over 100 views on my poetry blog — my new obsession with the voice of Sam Tsui (especially the Explosion Medley) — the new series Pastor Joe is preaching in youth (even if it is wrecking me a bit) — having friends who care — being happy — hearing a bunch of strangers (teachers/instructors/counselors) brag about how smart I am — shopping with mom and Court — smiling.

I hope the first week of your new year, 2011, was absolutely wonderful! Also, I hope that the awesomeness just continues for you, awesome readers. (:


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