His Love Endures Forever.

His love endures forever.
— Psalm 136

Throughout the entire chapter of Psalm 136, every other line is “His love endures forever.” The thought alone, makes my heart skip a beat. In today’s world, the word love is completely over-used. As a matter-of-fact, the word love has been watered down; in all honesty, the word love doesn’t usually mean much to me. Why? In a place where everything is temporary, everything includes love.

Now, before I go any further,  I am not saying that I am unloved and unloving, because that would be a lie, but I am saying that the worldly view of love is completely unable to be trusted.

So, that being said, you can see why reading, “His love endures forever.” warms my heart. The thought of a love that is never-ending, always trustworthy, and always willing, breaks me down a bit.

Oh boy, yep, I have a feeling that I am being worked on quite a bit.


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