I do believe…

…that I am actually beginning to learn something.

I have always had this perfect view of how I wanted my life to go; I didn’t care what, I was going to get there. What’s the problem? Well, the problem is, things don’t always work out the way we want them to.

I spent so much time trying to work out what I thought was best for me, that I completely forgot about the plan that God had. Granted, I am not exactly sure what that plan is yet, but I believe it exists. Crazy as it may be, I am learning to have faith — even when it seems impossible.

Post Script: Be expecting some epiphany-filled blog posts soon!


2 thoughts on “I do believe…

  1. I know what that is like. I have been there. It wasn’t that long ago either. Sometimes I end up there again. It is a total learning curve to wait for God to move. HE has the plan, we just have to wait. 🙂

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