Lying for the Sake of the Truth.

There comes a time in life when emotions make absolutely no sense at all. Surprise, surprise, eh? I mean sure, it makes sense to be happy for ice cream, sad for hurt little kids, broken for the things of this world, etc.; that is not what I am speaking of. What I am speaking of, is when technical errors occur. It makes no sense to be broken for nothing, happy for lonesomeness, and sad for the silence, but unfortunately, this is my life on many occasions.

Thankfully, I have people like P. Joe who give awesome advice — “Lie to the lies.”

I am sure I have royally confused half of my readers with all of this, but anyone who struggles in this area, knows exactly what I am talking about. Apologies right up front, because if you are lost at this point, you will just continue to get more confused. Moving right along…

They say that lying is never the answer, but to anyone who understands all of this, it’s exactly what is needed. Before I go any further, let me clarify some things. I am not talking about lying about how you feel, lying to those around you, no, I am talking about lying to yourself; not in denial, but persuasion.

There comes a time when you have to lie to the lies with the truth. Example: you feel unloved, so you have to convince yourself otherwise (lie), by telling yourself what is actually the truth — a truth that just isn’t apparent to you. Be happy, sad, broken, whatever, but not without the real truth.

The truth is, I am having to lie to the lies right now.


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