Looks Can Kill

Lately I’ve been thinking about how much of an effect we, as people, have on each other. Before any of you lovely readers jump over the handle bars with “What? I don’t need people; I don’t care what they do or say to me…” just think. Think back to when a someone cuts you off while driving, when the guy in front of you is going 35 in a 55, when the store clerk doesn’t smile once and glares at you the entire time — it changes your day. Whether you just walk out of the situation steaming with anger, or merely mentioning it to a friend, it causes an effect.

Now let’s think of this a little differently. What effect, big or little, do you have on the lives of those who come into contact with you on a daily basis? Especially my fellow Christians. What you do and say can make or break lives; let’s not get too deep, right now I am only talking about being nice — even when it isn’t deserved.

I’m going to be honest, I have a hard time liking people, let alone spending time with them. As weird as this may be, it is the truth. I have to talk myself into doing the simplest of things when it requires encountering people. Am I scared of them? No, I just simply don’t care for most of them. That being said, this is something I am working my best at changing. “God so loved the world…”  Last time I checked, the world was full of people, and therefore, I must learn to love them; not with my love and abilities, but with God’s.

I think one of the worst thoughts is that of one where I miss an opportune moment in showing God’s love to someone. Just think, you may be the only bit of Jesus that a person ever sees; what you do or say determines whether it will be a sweet or bitter memory.


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