Learning: a win-lose situation.

Many of my friends and family can tell you, I love to learn. Not only do I make it known, but if you observe long enough, you will see for yourself. Learning allows me to feel like accomplishments are made, and knowledge and power is gained (power sounds a bit too puffy, actually).

What’s the down-side to learning, you ask? Learning doesn’t always come easy, and it often requires annoying/complicated/over-thought lessons. Yes, you caught me, I am speaking of more than school and books. Although the rewards of knowledge and wisdom are great, they aren’t easily obtained — making it a bit less appealing.

I can’t wait to look back and tell you what I’ve learned from the lessons I am going through right now; I can’t wait to share my knowledge and wisdom with you. Unfortunately for us both, I need to get through this and figure it out before either can be done!

So, here’s to learning through the lessons.


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