Happiness — it’s a choice.

Everyone has those days where nothing goes right: people are stupid, traffic is slow, dishes are dirty, laundry is piled, grades are low, tests are failed, alarms are broken, food is burned, etc. Within those days though, we have the option to choose happiness.

Believe me when I say that I can relate to the difficulty of this task, but also know that I am living proof of its possibility. Along with the terrible days come smothering thoughts; It’s up to us to cap it and let it settle. Just like a disturbed bottle of pop, your inability to react can result in a sticky situation.

It is wise to think before you speak and act, but it is foolish to over-think life in general; I am guilty of doing this very thing. I suffer from Over-Think-and-Get-No-Sleep disorder. That being said, the cure lies within me — within us all — for the cure is ourselves. We have the ability to stop our wild minds, and we have the ability to call on a loving God for peace. In other words, this sort of happiness lies on the shoulders of the barer. Do all that is humanly possible to choose happiness, eh?


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