Valentine’s Day Thoughts

As I sit here on my kitchen counter (killing time before the extra powdered sugar to finish my sister’s cake gets here), I cannot help but think that 19 minutes from now, it will start the third Valentine’s Day (in a row) I’ve spent single. Go back and replace any thoughts that make me sound super lame and in need of a boyfriend. xD

Quite seriously though, I am happy — excited even. It seems like the time between last Valentine’s Day and now has transformed my thinking quite a bit. This day isn’t a reminder of me being single; it’s a reminder that I can enjoy being single (for now). Don’t get me wrong, I would love to have someone to spend this iconic day with, but I am far from fretting over it.

Of course, it is always fun when you have other friends celebrating their individuality and singledom too. Song of choice for this occasion, per David? “Ridin’ Solo”.  xD

So my dearest readers, here’s wishing you the happiest Valentine’s Day — wherever you may be in life. (:


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