Things I Love Thursday

Even though this week has been eventful in many ways, this is going to be a “straight to the point” TILT. (:

Things I have loved this week:

my first experience with fondant, used for my sister’s birthday cake (pictures soon enough) — being confided in — getting the urge to paint my toenails black (yippy!) — my recent fiddling on the piano — writing — looking forward to spending part of the 4-day weekend with Shaina — dying my hair a lovely dark color — spending my Friday night at Books-A-Million with a friend — also spending part of Friday night around a bon fire with more friends — honesty — making a killer apple cake — having a (mostly) really good Valentine’s Day — dreaming of wedding dresses with the cousins — meeting new people — stepping out of my comfort zone — a truly awesome service at youth — new beginnings —  high expectations for things to come — writing inspiration — being comfortable — getting my reading time in.


I hope that you had an absolute wonderful week; feel free to share the awesomeness!


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