Things I Love Thursday

One of these days I will get back into the groove of blogging and posting these TILTs at a decent hour! Anyway, that being said, I should probably get going, right? (:

Things I have loved about this week:

getting to see my grandpa and great-uncle for the first time in years — doing funny things with friends — being confided in — having friends who seem to care — getting decent sleep since Monday night — having a good week in general — NOT breaking down — being optimistic — changing up my blog theme (we’ll see how long I am happy with this) — writing — finishing The Road by Cormac McCarthy (such a good book!) — getting three new books from the library today — random things on StumbleUpon that have made me laugh — Shawn McDonald — occasionally feeling special — running into a friend I haven’t seen in a while, Sunday — catching up with an old friend via email — the amazing smoothie that I had for lunch on Sunday from Tropical Smoothie Cafe — awesome services at church — sending in job applications — feeling successful.



(and this photo, because it’s just so darn cute)


Well my dear readers, with all of that said, I hope that you have an absolutely wonderful rest of your week! Also, just like always, feel free to share the awesomeness in your life. (:


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