Into the Lion’s Den

Life has a way of being so temperamental lately. One minute, I will be in the best mood possible — content with life — and the next, I don’t even know why I’m alive. Go back and please read that in the least depressing way possible; maybe then I will feel less pathetic about posting this.

I am not perfect. I am far from perfect. Just like everyone else, I have my struggles. I somewhat wish I could write a post about how perfectly perfect I was, but if I did, it would be nothing but complete lies. Although I am not going to go into details about my struggle, I can most certainly inform you of how I am not going to let it dictate my life.

Whether it be lying to the lies, or just forcing myself to be still, action has to be made. There are those who believe that things will get better if you just sit back and let things work themselves out; I do not believe this to be true in most cases.

To me, that would be like saying “Oh, if I just sit here and close my eyes, the man-eating lion will just disappear.” Where do you think that will get me? If you said devoured, you answered correctly. Also, if you know anything about animal attacks (because I am oh, so experienced), you know that running will leave you with the same result — a painful death. Observance would tell me that there was a lion tamer right in front of me — someone who knew how to handle the situation. Even though I would still be in a dangerous place, I wouldn’t be alone. Even better, I would have the solution to living. What’s that, you ask? I would have the one who knows how to maneuver through the lion’s den. I would have life.

With all of that said, I have two choices: try to figure it out on my own, using only the skills I’ve learned from Animal Planet, or to listen to what the Lion Tamer has to say; to trust him when things seem helplessly impossible.

Trust or be dust.


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