How I keep my sanity.

After the business and annoyance that life can sometimes bring, it’s hard not to find myself scraping on the ground by the end of the day. When this happens, I am not only far from caring about other people, but I am far from caring about finding a solution. I get into one of those “all is doomed” moods, where falling off a cliff sounds more pleasant than trying to be “cheered up”.

Well, after years of people telling me this, and after actually trying it out the last month-or-so, I have found the answer to my problem! There’s no cost of “$19.99”, but I will tell you to give it a 30-day trial. If you aren’t pleased with the outcome, than I will personally compile a plan that should help you. Ready to know the big secret?

  1. Read the Bible daily.
    It doesn’t matter whether it is one verse, or one chapter. Spending time in the Word of God really can make a difference. If you need help finding a place in the Bible that can help you wherever you are in life, feel free to let me know, and I’ll do what I can! If I’m not sure of something, I have plenty of resources to get you an answer.
  2. Be productive with your time.
    As much as Mark Zuckerberg would probably disagree, sitting on Facebook for all of your spare time, does not count as being productive! Try cutting your stalking time in half, get outdoors, in the kitchen, on the road, etc. — just find something to do that will benefit you, or someone else, after being completed.
  3. Don’t allow everything you hear/watch to be so negative.
    I’m the type of person who likes to have some type of noise going on throughout the day, so it is important that what surrounds me portrays how I wish to feel. If the only thing I listen to is sad, dreary music, guess how I’m going to begin to feel? Try blasting some uplifting and/or inspiration music for a change! While this may be acoustic/instrumental for some, for others it can be screamo; whatever it is that brings you joy, blare it for a while. Also, finding your style of worship music can make a tremendous change in your day! As for the television, if the news is always getting you down, try watching something educational; it never hurts to learn something new! My recommendation: Investigation Discover or Discovery. Although I much say, Mystery Diagnosis is my favorite educational show!
  4. Take time to point out something positive.
    I’m not what they call the most optimistic person, but finding something positive can save your day. Even if it is as simple as “Hey, I didn’t burn my toast in the toaster this morning! That’s a win!”. It’s simple, and it starts things off on the right note.
  5. Talk to God.
    So many people these days forget that you can talk to God just like you would a friend. You don’t have to sit in silence for thirty minutes, pace back-and-forth 75 times, and turn off all electronics before reaching God. Actually, it is quite the opposite. Just let him know what’s on your heart; it’s the only way you will have a true relationship with him — communication.

Although I had done all of these things separately, I had never before created a mashup of them — until now! I must say, it works wonderfully. (: Let me know what makes your day great, eh?


2 thoughts on “How I keep my sanity.

  1. I totally like this 🙂 BTW Psalms is an awesome place to get cheered up 🙂 And don’t forget to watch Criminal Minds! Though that may just be me…

    • I am glad that you “totally” like this! Also, I pretty much live in the book of Psalms. It’s become a necessity. ha Last but not least, I share your love for Criminal Minds! Although I may not be obsessed like you, I do adore it so. (:

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