Lying to the Lies

If you are an avid reader of Her Softly Spoken Heart, then you have definitely heard if this term before: lying to the lies. Before you think of this as a negative thing, let me change your initial perspective.

Lying to the lies is actually telling yourself the truth, which may seem to be lies. Example: if you struggle with low self esteem, telling yourself that you are full of worth would be considered doing just that.

Unfortunately, there are those of us who find even this too difficult of a task. So, start with a small “lie” before you work your way up on the “deceitfulness” scale.

I actually learned this method from my youth pastor, P.Joe, and it works for a variety of struggles. I dare you to try it for yourself!

That being said, you might what to keep in mind that it’s “lying to the lies”, and no just lying! Example: telling myself that I am the world’s best rapper would be considered the latter. Use wisdom, and know the difference. (:


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