Things I Love Thursday

Okay folks, I know it’s been a while since my last TILT, but I have been requested to continue! So, with that being said, I think we should get the ball rollin’. (: Things I have loved about this week:

having Shay around to spill the beans to — realizing that things aren’t always as they seem — feeling comfortable with me — the Blow Pop that was purchased for me yesterday (Watermelon lollipops make me smile almost every time. lol) — having Taylor over Tuesday night and all day Wednesday — cooking and baking with Taylor — hugs that matter — having friendships that are raw — having a detailed discussion about journals with my youth pastor’s wife, Amanda (seriously made me smile) — the amazing service on Wednesday (it’s always good when you hear and receive what hits you the hardest) — yogurt and granola — eating cereal for lunch the last two days — worship — expectancy — knowing that things are going to change, and being excited about it — having an awesome hair day yesterday — talking to Jord throughout the day — realizing that I’m not alone on a lot of things — introducing my family to Opera (web browser) — my dad watching a show with me about Disney Weddings. although I have no desire for said type of wedding, I love how he got my idea and opinion on everything — cooking some killer fish tonight (from the girl who usually opts out of eating fish) — realizing how much I’ve grown, as a person, since this time last year — smiling without a direct result of something or someone.

With all of this said, I hope that you have a fantastic rest of the week, and remember, you’re awesome! (anyone who knows me personally can insert my Jersey Accent immediately. :P)


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