Things I Love Thursday

I feel like there have been seven Thursdays since my last TILT, but here is one none-the-least!

Things I loved about this week:

spending Saturday with Shay, Jord, Bailey, and Briana (lil’ McGill) — meeting a little girl (Bailey) who completely touched my heart; the fact that she wants to be a writer when she grows up makes me adore her even more. lol — spending my Monday with Shay and her family — making lemon cookies and chicken and veggie ricotta pasta with Shaina — killing her at a card game — laughing — wearing jean shorts for the first time since middle school — being killer at knoword —  having a friend who knows how to handle my issues — not feeling so alone this week — expectation — being strong (more so mentally and emotionally lol) — being upfront and honest — the question the following photo poses.

Well my dears, I would love to hear your answer! Also, I always enjoy hearing some of the things that has made your week worth living. Love ya’ll (ignore any hint of the south in that)!


2 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. Well my dear Brittany ( Brat (; ) my week was just amazing being able to spend saturday and monday hanging out with you except for the card games haha… i will eventually beat you and laughing to the point where we’re literally rolling on the ground crying 🙂 haha good times…. i love having a friend like you! Thank you soooo much! i love you girl and seriously everytime we hangout its like a mini-vacation because everything is just sooo like i dont even know how to describe it! Thank you for being an amazing friend and for being to accept me, for me even with all my weird quirks 🙂 haha, your seriouslly one of the nicest, sweetest, most amazing friends i’ve ever had! I’m so grateful that i get to call you a best friend! God has trully blessed me.

    • Alright, little Miss “Sheen”! ha. Seriously though, you should just re-read what you wrote me and direct it to yourself. I love that we can either do nothing or make plans, but have fun either way. (: I hope to be able to call you “best friend” for a LONG time — even after I meet my Canadian transfer student-of-a husband! 😛

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