Things I Love Thursday — er — Friday!

As you might have noticed, my timing for posts has been terrible this week! My most sincere apologies. ❤ That being said, I do believe it is time to share with you, the best readers on the face of the planet, the best things about my week.

Things I have loved about this week:

meeting David’s (boyfriend) parents — being myself — feeling loved — being able to have serious and incredibly funny and sarcastic conversations with my boyfriend — being happy — watching people (no creepiness intended!) — the comfort that the presence of God brings —  waking up this morning with no pain in my wrists — meeting people with sincerity — being hopeful for the future — sharing a 20-piece chicken nugget meal from Burger King with David. that was a defining moment in our relationship. lol — worship — how Dave and I can discuss serious topics without losing our sense of humor — having friends that make me smile — the expectations for the weekend — knowing that I get to bake pure awesomeness tomorrow morning (or possibly tonight) — this picture — sitting down to the piano and singing How He Loves with the boyfriend — being able to worship/pray/hold conversations about God with David — seeing people I haven’t seen in a long time — not having to struggle to come up with a TILT — knowing that if I don’t stop soon, no one will ever read this entire thing — being able to cross “Face my fears of watching Jurassic Park” off my bucket list (thanks to Netflix and the boyfriend!) — smiling.  

 I hope that the rest of your week, and until we speak next time, is filled with nothing but smiles and lessons to learn from. (:


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