A Lesson for the Ladies and a Good Read for the Men

For most of us women, we have heard our entire lives of how we are to be seen as princesses. We are informed by our parents, society, and even our mentors of how important it is for us to be treated the best that we possibly can be. We grow up with expectations of car doors being opened, hands being kissed, and praises being given. In fairytales and teachings, men are told to be gentle and kind; they are informed of our delicacy and importance, and reminded that we require special care.

If you are one of the women who haven’t heard this, let me tell you right now. You deserve to be respected and set apart. You should feel unique, appreciated, and valuable in the eyes of your beloved. You should never feel pressured into physical deeds or scowled by your desire to take things slow. You deserve to be spoiled with cheesy jokes, given flowers, and have your hair swept behind your ear. At all times you should feel protected and safe from harm — comfortable in the arms of your man.

With all of this said — everything understood — it’s time to address the second lesson. While everything written above is entirely true and important, we have left out something very valuable. With the entire world worried about the emotional and physical state of the woman, our beloved men are completely forgotten.

Left and right we have females who are being treated like diamonds, and men who are being broken and bruised. Whether it be with the words that escape our lips, or with a physical reaction such as a slap, we have become a selfish gender.

Amongst all of the praises of beauty and worth, it rarely ever crosses the mind of a woman to divulge her gratitude and praise to a man. Believe it or not, the emotional state of a man is just as delicate as that of a woman; it’s just buried and hidden beneath a battered exterior.  It saddens me to see a rare jewel such as a gentleman, being degraded and taken for granted.

We have a way of dishing out cut throat words; we also have a way of feeling as though we are more important. We forget how blessed we are to have someone who gives us respect and love. We take advantage of our Prince Charming. I am sorry to break the glass slipper, but a crown does not give us that right.

Proverbs 11:2, 9, 12, 16, 17 — “The stuck-up fall flat on their faces,
but down-to-earth people stand firm.” “The loose tongue of the godless spreads destruction; the common sense of the godly preserves them.” “Mean-spirited slander is heartless; quiet discretion accompanies good sense.” “A woman of gentle grace gets respect, but men of rough violence grab for loot.” “When you’re kind to others, you help yourself; when you’re cruel to others, you hurt yourself.”

It is our duty as girlfriends and wives to return the love and respect that is given to us. Sometimes it takes removing the crown and reminding the men we hold so dear, as well as ourselves, that their well being is just as important as ours. Just as gentlemen hold their tongues, so should we. Just as they go out of their way to make us feel special, so should we. Our men should feel just as valued and loved as we do.


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