One Week

In one week I will officially be a college student! As you might have guessed, my excitement level is through the roof. I’m not as crazed about the people as I am the learning, but what else would expect from a nerd such as myself?

Realization: I am probably the only 18-year-old who is thrilled about essays and textbooks.

Anyway, if you are starting college this fall, I would like to hear from you! Are you nervous or excited? What is your college major? Are you headed off to a university or starting out small, like myself? (:

Thanks for the read everyone; I hope you have a wonderful week!


4 thoughts on “One Week

  1. Even though you aren’t excited now about the people, you will be later and you will meet a lot of great ones! College is such a great opportunity to expand and learn about the world. I am always excited about the academic part of college, though, so I can agree with you on that one!

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