Random things I have learned as of late:

  • With seven people staying in one home, you can easily go through a dozen-and-a-half eggs within two days.
  • Pickup Sticks is not a fun date game when both you and your boyfriend have nerve damage in your hands.
  • Strawberry muffins can instantly become “gluten-free, blended baby muffins”.
  • I may die of cardiac arrest the day I don’t have to share a bathroom with someone; my little heart just won’t be able to take the excitement.
  • Life is a process of constantly forgiving and being forgiven yourself.
  • Once you claim a pet as your own, the family will give up any responsibility, until there is something good they want credit for. lol
  • I share my boyfriend with another lady; he was her’s first. Beside that, how could I ever compete with her gorgeous black and white fur?
  • I have the blessing of the Candy Land gods, while David, the boyfriend, does not.
  • Darth Vader may be the funniest thing to ever hit Twitter with a glowing, red lightsaber.
  • Having a boyfriend who works at Starbucks is heaven on Earth. He is my favorite drug dealer.
  • I love me some Origami.
  • One of my favorite things to do is listen to jazz with my boyfriend. Also, to spend hours in a book store it him. We are class-A nerds.
  • Jazz music has a way of instantly relaxing me.
  • If David likes the pink fuzzy socks that I am wearing, he will ask to try them on, and never return them. lol
  • College classrooms are freezing when people don’t show up for school.
  • There are only so many hours in the day, and homework seems to consume a good number of said hours.
  • Best friends can still be best friends after they start dating.
  • When it comes to marine biology, I am far more of a nerd than David.
  • Perfection is over-rated.
  • Makeup isn’t always necessary, especially when you add night classes to the mix.
  • My boyfriend is adorable in a scarf.
  • Fluorescent lights seem to suck the brain cells from my body.
  • Sometimes happiness is pain.

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