Perfection Is Overrated

Everyone strives for this thing called perfection, but let’s stop and think for a moment. If we were always perfect, we would never make any mistakes. If we never made mistakes, we would never learn. If we never learned, we would never grow.

We are all humans. We all started as small children — babies — infants. We had to grow to become the adults that we are now. If we never grew, we would be unable to function at the level that we are now capable of.

Growing wasn’t always comfortable, hence the term “growing pains”. Small children, and even adults, experience teething — a painful transition for stronger and longer-lasting teeth. If that never happened, eating every-day foods would be more risky and uncomfortable.

Growing — growing pains — are necessary. Think about it next time you wish for perfection, or what you seem to see perfection as.


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