My best friend just happens to be my boyfriend. (:

Whether it be practically living in Books-A-Million, singing and dancing like idiot in the car, or making nerdy trips to the aquarium, David and I always find a way to have fun. Our newest love is going grocery shopping together. Sounds silly right? Well, we seem to make it pretty exciting stuff.

Sunday we had the brilliant idea to get dinner from Wal-Mart, instead of a fast food restaurant. Before you get the idea that we intended to go home and cook this dinner, let me correct you. Our goal was to find dinner, ready to eat. This was an absolutely hilarious feat.

Of course at the beginning we went straight for the Lunchables, but before we knew it we were scanning every aisle to meet unknown cravings. We looked crazy. Hand-in-hand we strolled through Wal-Mart, laughing and having a blast. Here’s what we left with:

Cap’n Crunch, two tuna salad packets, provolone and cheese pinwheels, a Baby Bottle Pop, milk, Vitamin Water, and a set of metal spoons. lol
David with his Cap’n Crunch and milk, straight from the bag! lol

 We sat in the parking-lot while we ate our romantic Wal-Mart dinner. It was at that moment when we decided that it would not be the last time that we dined at such an exquisite place. 😛 He’s my absolute favorite, and I couldn’t imagine being without him.


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