I’ve come to realize…

that time continues on with or without us.

You may be less surprised than I, but time really doesn’t care about our hurt feelings, grudges, hopes, dreams, or childhood aspirations. The common reply to most of these is “give it time”, when the truth of the matter is, time doesn’t care. He isn’t waiting around the corner, flowers in hand, and he most definitely isn’t standing at the end of the tunnel with his arms open wide. Father Time is not your pappy.

So what should we be saying if we aren’t giving the grand advice of time? How about “give it God”? What would happen if we gave our worries, anger, bitterness, and aching hearts to God? After all, he is with you at all time, and he created you in the very beginning. He cares for you. He is your father — the best one ever.

So, if you are in the melting pot of people who have been told to give it time, let me tell you something different: give it God. After that, just be. Do not try to make sense of it all, and most definitely do not try and fix it yourself. Give. It. God.


Forget about Love?

Today I had just pulled out of my driveway, when two stickers on the vehicle in front of me caught my eye. At a quick glance, the only words I saw were “Jesus” and “religion”. After checking the speedometer and rear-view mirror, I figured I’d read the words that were plastered on the back of his window. The first one I read was:

“Freedom from religion.”

My first thought? “I’m not one for religion either. I’m more of the relationship kind of gal.” Moving on, I read the next sticker, which said:

“Have you forgot about Jesus? Maybe it’s time you did.”

My reaction can be summed up in one word — anger. I felt so offended and hurt. You know, the type where it’s a good thing that we were in separate vehicles; not because I would explode on him, but because I wouldn’t be able to hide my rising temper.

And then it hit me. Out of nowhere the anger was gone, but what was given to me in return was compassion. I then began to grieve for the driver of the vehicle. I began to think about the misunderstanding or hurt that “religion” had caused him somewhere down the line. Because of this pain, he was pushing away the greatest love that ever existed.

 Soon afterward, I began to think about Love himself, and how His heart must also grieve (1,000+ my own). How He must feel to know that somewhere in life, this man was given the wrong impression or idea of Love. All this man wanted, was to forget about Love, and he made it known to everyone around him.

This should be a wakeup call to anyone who bears the title “Christian”. Are we showing God’s love how it was meant to be shown? Are we pushing away the people who need Love most? Are we making people wish they could just “forget about Love”?