Final Post

As you might have noticed, I haven’t posted anything since January 3rd! D:

The truth is, I have turned my focus to my poetry on East Coast Insomnia. I have finally reached the point where I have a constantly growing audience for what I love: creative writing. Aside from the poetry, however, I do take time to just talk about life, similar to what I would do here.

So, as terribly sad as I am to make this announcement, this will be my final post on Her Softly Spoken Heart. I have loved every minute of this blog, and it helped me through so much along the way. The truth is, some of my best advice is woven throughout this blog, so I am going to happily leave it up for browsing.

What I would like to do now is to invite you to visit, and then hopefully join, the happenings of East Coast Insomnia. It truly is the rawest version of myself that I can give right now.

If this blog has ever made a difference in your life, or even made you stop and thinking about the things around you, I encourage you to comment and let me know. I would love to hear from you guys!

Thank you for the consistency and support that you, my readers, have given to me; it truly has meant the world. I hope and pray that you all do well in life, and that there would be happiness all around. Feel free to contact me any time.

Mucho love-o,
Brittany Rose


Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope that your day is filled with reasons to be thankful, and that through it all, no matter what’s going on, that you find happiness and joy. Now, as I go finish packing, before I forget my toothbrush, enjoy the smells of turkey (and other holiday fixing)! Because I won’t be celebrating until tomorrow, have an extra helping of everything for me, okay? (:

Have an awesome opossum day, my dear readers!

5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself

  1. Are you leaving the fate of your day on wavering things, such as people, thoughts or the weather?
    If your day goes sour because of the old lady driving 15 miles-an-hour under the speed limit in front of you, then you are probably frivolously throwing out your happiness. If your joy is gained (and lost) by unstable objects or situations, then how can you expect them to last?
  2. Do you write off your day/week before it has even really begun?
    Allowing a busy schedule or dreaded events to ruin your week is simply pointless. Take one day at a time, and don’t stress so much that you ruin said day. You never know what will really happen in your week/day.
  3. Are you taking anything but resulting emotions away from the “stupid” people/moments in your life?
    I almost think it would be better to take nothing  at all, rather than sour emotions away from unwanted happenings. So, either let it roll of your back (it’s best left on the floor anyway), or find something positive from the situation. Whether it is you growing as a person, or learning something new about human beings, try your best to walk away better than you came.
  4. You will always feed the fire closest to your heart, so what does your favored fire consist of?
    It would be pointless to say that we all don’t have our own struggles. Ranging from anger to bitterness, we’ve all set kindle to something. So before you start a wild-fire, you may want to stop and think about what flame’s craving you are satisfying.
  5. How are you being true to you?
    In a world where people are always trying to find their niche, what influences are you allowing to develop you? Are they things that you commonly see around you? Are they truly you?